What I want to see out of the Chicago Bears 2017 Draft.

Hi guys.  With the draft next week, I’m going to let you know something right now out of my second blog post ever.  I’m a huge Chicago fan. But, I am an even bigger sports fan.  It helps my overall football draft decisions, which are 100% of the time correct.  I absolutely love the Chicago Bears, but not the Chicago Bears draft history.

What really fucking sucks is that I live in Wisconsin and I CONSTANTLY hear about the Packers and Aaron Rodgers.  The only defense as a Chicago fan is that Rodgers has the same amount of rings as Jim McMahon.  You know… The guy who is legally blind.

I have been sitting by and watch the Chicago Bears draft absolute dog shit the past few years. Are you sitting down? Because I’m about to give you the first and second round picks since 2011 (because we didn’t have either in 2010) for YOUR Chicago Bears.
It is absolutely electric.


-1st Rd – Gabe Carimi

-2nd Rd – Stephan Paea

Hell yeah.  Both gave HUGE contributions to the team for a very long time.



1st Rd – Shea McClellin

2nd Rd – Alshon Jeffery

Yes, Alshon is the best pick in this whole article and McClellin hurt Aaron Rodgers once.  It was a big moment in our franchise.


1st Rd – Kyle Long

2nd Rd- Jonathan Bostic

Long…. another great pick… don’t get used to me saying that.. Bostic –> Awful


1st Rd- Kyle Fuller

2nd Rd- Ego Ferguson


Ego isn’t even on the team anymore…. Kyle had one early, week 2 Monday Night game, where he had two picks during his rookie year… Besides that he has been mediocre.  He is the only pick from 11-17 that year who hasn’t been a Pro-Bowler. Yup.. Look it up…


1st – Kevin White

2nd – Eddie Goldman

Kevin White was picked one pick before Vic Beasley, who is, HEY! An All Pro Linebacker for the NFC champion Atlanta Falcons now, NBD.  And who is Eddie Goldman?  Good ass question.  Goldman makes an impact and might have a bright future. Solid pick. 


1st – Leonard Floyd

2nd – Cody Whitehair

FINALLY.  Two rookies who made a difference.  These two were huge this year.  Floyd dealt with some injuries, but still played well while he was playing. Whitehair had a good amount of starts as a rookie and it gives a good amount of experience to a young lineman.

So this year we have the 3rd overall pick and I have read sooooooooo many mock drafts.  Its crazy how many mock drafts you read when you love a really bad NFL team.  I have seen articles say that the Bears are going for a QB, in Clemson’s DeShaun Watson, or a DL in Alabama’s Jonathon Allen, or a Safety in LSU’s Jamal Adams.


In my opinion, go with Jamal Adams out of LSU. I’ve seen comparisons to Eric Berry and even Patrick Peterson, which would be game changers in Chicago.  Our secondary has been nothing better than dog shit for years now, so seeing somebody similar to either of those two would change the whole culture in Chicago’s defense.  It is definitely the first step to getting back to fulfilling the Monsters of the Midway nickname.

So obviously I cannot pick a whole first round of a draft, but best case scenario, Notre Dame’s former QB Deshone Kizer falls to the Bears in the second round.  A second round Quarterback that has first round potential and talent has the time to be groomed and educated to be ready to be the face of the franchise for years to come.  He has the arm and the leadership, but he needs a little grooming.  He sort of compared himself to a combonation of  A few years under the coaches regime, he might come out as the next Aaron Rodgers to ride the bench and come up strong. Who really fucking knows…?

So give me a cornerstone defensive guy and a QB that need a year or two to be ready for the big show in the 2nd round, and I will be a happy camper.  Drafts make or break organizations, so let’s move this organization. forward.  All Ryan Pace has to do is read this blog and he will secure two picks that will become Hall of Famers. Don’t worry Ryan, I give you my permission.  Big day in Bears history.  You heard it here first.

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