It’s Weird Being Champions

As anyone who knows me knows, I am a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan.  I have been on record saying that the amount of fandom I have for the North-Siders is more that I have for the rest of my teams combined.  Its crazy.  My favorite part about it is that I am nowhere near alone in this feeling amongst Cubs fans.  The passion that this fan base showed for 108 years is what drew me to the super fan level.

Another aspect that drew me in was my grandma Dorothy.  She died in 2014 at the age of 92 and never saw her Cubbies fly the W for a whole off season.  I feel like the grandpas and grandmas of the world is why the Cubs fan base is so huge.

With all of that being said, it is weird to watch regular season games now.  In the past, I hung on every single pitch in a season starting with Opening Day and going to early October.  But now that I have rode the emotional wave of a full and successful Postseason, it is kind of hard for me to get as emotional in April.  I have been hearing this kind of talk from Red Sox fans for years.  And even Patriots fans in the NFL.

When you know your team is good enough for a big run in October, you do not freak out after a loss in April like Mets fans do.  It just felt like yesterday when Kyle Hendricks somehow out-dueled one of the greatest pictures to ever live in Clayton Kershaw to advance to the World Series.  Then watching Rajai Davis hit a miraculous homerun into the TV camera to tie and hit another base hit in extras, forcing me to run to the bathroom during the pitching change to throw up from nerves.


But, the complete joy that victory brought me is EASILY made the whole playoff run the best month of my life.  I might even say it was my peak.

Maybe its because our off season was ridiculously short in comparison to normal seasons.  Maybe its because of how we won and it was so emotionally draining that I need a little more time to regroup and get ready for another ride this October.  But I’m sure once the NBA and NHL playoffs end, I will be back and go all-in on this team.


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