It Is With a Heavy Heart That I Say.. Bill Nye’s New Show Stinks

Its the truth..

Now listen here, I am a HUGE Bill Nye guy.  I grew up on his show and loved every second of it, and I hate science.  I have always been bad at science and it was always my least favorite subject growing up, but Bill Nye the Science Guy made it interesting for me.


Every time I saw this, I almost had an aneurism due to screaming my face off.  BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! Just electric stuff.  And as I got older and my hatred for science grew and grew, I thought the only reason I liked Bill Nye the Science Guy is because I was a young mind and he just lured me in with wacky sound effects and fun little experiments.  But then my Junior year in high school came along.

As I said before, I’m really dumb when it comes to science, along with other things, but mostly science.  So when I became a Junior in high school, they gave me the option to take an Earth Science class that was made for Freshman.  So obviously I took it.  The class was full of idiots like me who were Juniors and for two semesters, all we did was complain how bored we were.

So later in the year, my teacher had the genius idea to show a class of bored idiots a show that was made for kids.  One day as I was walking into my Earth Science class, I see we have a TV set up front.  My teacher, Mr. Uram (S/O to this guy.  He was awesome.), said we were going to watch a very interesting video to learn more about Earth Science.  As he is pushing play I am expecting a classic, boring ass old documentary about sedimentary rocks or something.  But all of a sudden… I see him… Bill Nye the Mother Fucking Science Guy.  I immediately perked up and was pumped.  My classmates joined me in my excitement and by the time the theme song rolled along, my classmates and I were going BANANAS.  BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!  Moral of the story is, I consider Bill Nye one of my close personal friends.

I love a lot of things that he does and love his sense of humor about most things.  So I thought that he was going to absolutely KILL this show.  Suck me in and make me want more science and more Bill in my life.


Back to present day.. Bill Nye comes out with a Netflix series for adults and last week I sat down and watched a few episodes.. And I was sorely disappointed. It seemed too political at times and it didn’t seem to have the same quick flow and his old show.  I get that old show was made to keep children’s attention spans, but when it comes to teaching me science, you should treat me the same way you treat an elementary school student.

You can take my word for it or you can try it out for yourself.  It might not float my boat but you could find it cool as shit and learn some science.  Either way I think I am officially OUT on Bill Nye Saves the World.. Sorry Bill.

PS: The best part of the show is hands down Karlie Kloss.  She is a 24 year old model that Bill sends all over the world in this show.  I don’t like to throw this word around often.. But I think I love her.

Karlie, I know your a big fan of this blog.  HMU girl.

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