My Recap of Season 2 of  Master of None

If you haven’t seen this show, stop what you are doing right now and go watch it. It kicks ass. Just so you know, there will be spoilers below. 

So I watched the full Season 2 of the Netflix show Master of None the other day in one sitting. It was easy. This show is incredibly watchable and relateable. 

Aziz Ansari stars and writes in this witty comedy and it doesn’t have the constant humor of shows like The Office, but instead brings a vibe that other shows don’t. Reality. 

It shows the awkwardness of relationships and is one of the only shows that I can watch and feel like I’ve been there before. 

This season begins with Dev being in Italy studying pasta making. It shows him and his friends, including his friend Francesca. 

I’m going to let you know right now, that this blog is going to turn into a Francesca love blog real quick. 

She ends up being the love interest of Dev in this season, despite having a boyfriend turned fiancé of 10+ years. 

I do not think I’ve loved a real women the way I love the character of Francesca. She is beautiful in a classic, old school way. All natural. She is smart and funny and quick witted. Her broken English is adorable and every time she needs Dev to explain a common English phrase, I fall more and more in love with her. I am really thinking about traveling to Italy to go find my own Francesca. 

Anyway, the season ends with tensions coming to a head between Dev and Fran. They have both spent a lot of time together in a short amount of time.  Her time in New York seemed like a romantic getaway for these two and it is what sprouted these unknown feelings. The final scene is a convorsation between them. Fran saying it is difficult to make a decision and Dev saying he feels used by Fran. 

This scene is so relateable because it shows both sides of the story that happens alllllllll the time in reality. One person being denied and only sees things in black and white. “Either she is with me or she is not.” His love for her blinds him from any logical reasoning. 

The other side is Francesca having to think about uprooting her entire life and moving to a completely different country. It is difficult to make that choice and that is what Dev does not see. In one month, Fran went from preparing to be married to the only man she’s ever been with, to falling in love with somebody in a completely country. 

So the final scene is what is getting to everyone. It is Fran in bed with Dev, laying with her eyes wide open. People will give you every theory under the sun, but Ansari has said that he left it up to interpretation on purpose. Which really sucks. 
I believe that Fran chose Dev, and the final scene is her first night staying with Dev, finally realizing the gravity of what just happened. How her life is COMPLETELY different than what she ever imagined. 

I hope we get a 3rd season and it shows these two living a long and happy relationship. 

If not, Francesca, hmu girl. 

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