Why Gravity Falls Should Be The Next Show You Binge Watch

Binge watching tv shows is pretty much second nature in society now a days. I can easily sit down and get hooked on a series and watch the whole thing without getting up. Hours and hours of my life has been wasted on Netflix and Hulu. No ragrets. I couldn’t think of anything to watch after I just finished up Master of None (great show) so I turned to a show that I have watched once through before: Gravity Falls.

Gravity Falls was a show that started on Disney Channel and moved over to Disney XD. It only ran for two seasons but holy shit were they awesome. It’s based on two twins who live with their great uncle Stan in the woods in Gravity Falls, OR for the summer. The town has a ton of secrets and mysteries and the two twins, Dipper and Mabel, try and get to the bottom of it. On the surface this show may seem like it’s for kids, which primarily it is, but it is full of adult humor and jokes that always leave me cracking up.

Not only are there characters and jokes that crack me up, the show is extremely well written and literally everything is planned out. The show is full of small hints and clues to give the audience a peak behind the curtain as they try and solve the mystery. This is my second time through it and I am noticing so many more things. There are references and even background cameos from future characters throughout the episodes. So much more makes sense and it is incredible that I can watch an entire series while trying to figure out a mystery and there are clues and codes along the way at every single turn. It’s like the writers were just sitting there thinking, “Yeah that’s right. Here’s the answer. You aren’t going to figure it out anyway.”

This show is a 10/10 recommend for me. Hilarious. Clever. Mysterious. Short episodes. It’s got it all. I could tell how good it was because when I watched it all the way through the first time, I was actually sad. Like I was going to miss the characters as if they were real people. It’s on over on Hulu. Check it out. Shoutout to you Gravity Falls. Can’t believe you don’t get more credit.

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