Tiger Should Embrace This DUI

So by now, if you are a golf fan, or even a sports fan in general, you know that Eldrick “Tiger” Woods was arrested for a DUI early Monday morning.  His infamous mug shot will be a stamp on his legacy for the rest of time.  I have seen so many reporters and columns talk about the fall of Tiger in recent years.  From his dust up with Elin to his “comeback” to now his DUI.  Some may say that this could be rock bottom for Tiger.

What is my advice for Tiger? Bite the bullet.  Come out publicly and take the scrutiny that comes with the DUI charge.   Put your hand up and say “My bad”.  Now this advice could change once I see the dashboard cam footage and see if his attitude toward the officer seems like he id high and mighty, but if it what I am picturing, own it.  If the footage is just him looking like he has had too many drugs or the wrong mix of prescriptions, then he could take this and move forward.  If he begins to do a PR and redemption tour, he could go from DUI bum to success story.  Be the spokesperson for people who cleaned their lives up.  Be the example and try to teach a lesson to people who could be in similar situations.  Your golf game might not ever be good enough to make a return to the PGA Tour at all, but celebrities and athletes have made a bigger comeback and are currently in good graces with the public and members of the media.  Look at baseball.  A-Rod was one of the most hated players in the game during his career.  But now he has become an analysis for FOX and people seem to like his insight.  He may be a little goofy and have crazy notes written down, but his takes in the game gives fans a look inside the mind of one of the games greatest players of all time.


If Tiger just takes his medicine for a few months, takes the shitstorm that will come from the public and media, he could eventually come back into the hearts of America.  As of right now, Tiger seems like this celebrity that nobody can relate too, but all he has to say is, “Hey, I fucked up.  I’m human and I;m sorry to all my fans.”  There are enough Tiger fanboys out there (myself included) that will forgive him in a heartbeat and welcome him back with open arms.  Tiger, I hope you get better and come back to the public eye in a positive light.  I will be here waiting when you return.

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