Cubs Fans Shouldn’t Be Panicking Just Yet. The Back End of the Bullpen Brings Hope.

Cubs fans do not know how to handle being the target. Every. Single. Game. Players are pulling up to the ballpark knowing that they are facing the defending champions. That will wake guys up a lot easier than showing up knowing you are facing the Padres or the Marlins. You’re up against the best of best. This target on the team’s back is a big part of the team’s early struggles and not many fans realize that. Somebody who didn’t watch a lot of baseball until the playoff stretch last season might see this Cubs team this season and freak out because they are stumbling out of the gate. But what this team has that is keeping me calm during this rocky start is two arms in the back-end of the bullpen by the names of Carl Edwards Jr and Wade Davis. 

Every season, the trade deadline comes every July and the experts always throw names and rumors around. A main position that is a staple to trade rumors is Bullpen pitchers. You always see big name closers being thrown around because the bullpen is what makes or breaks a playoff team. The Royals showed you that in 2015 and Aroldis Chapman and the rest of the pen’s performance for the Cubs last October saved the season for the Northsiders. The Bullpen is key in October and the Cubs have two of the best relievers this year in Edwards and Davis. 

They haven’t gotten much recognition yet this season because the talk of the town is the shocking struggle of the team. Not only is the record disappointing, but both the lineup and pitching staff has yet to hit their stride and all you hear is that nothing on the Cubs is working yet. Edwards is bringing a 0.95 ERA to the mound while Davis brings a 0.98. Both rank in the top 5 for NL relievers. Davis didn’t even give up an earned run until he gave up a two-run shot last Wednesday against the Giants. 

The Cubs’ pitching staff led the league last year in staff ERA. This year they currently stand at 13. If they have the anchors waiting for the later parts of games, the rest of the staff could figure things out and all of a sudden we are built to go on a 8-10 game winning streak. After that, the team is right back to where expectations had them. Don’t worry Cubs fans. As long as Wade and Carl deal, we will be ready for a run. It’s a long season. #FlyTheW

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