I Hate ESPN’s Baseball Coverage

I am writing this as I am watching the Cubs/Cardinals game on ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball and I really hate when the Cubs are on ESPN. Their baseball coverage blows. It is missing personality entirely. And this is nothing against Dan Shulman, Aaron Boone or Jessica Mendoza. They’re all not bad. But they are essentially all of be same people. All know what they’re talking about but they aren’t interesting. They need a powerful presence in the booth. This Cubs game is better for me at least because David Ross is filling in for Mendoza as she covers the woman’s college World Series. 

I don’t like Ross in there solely because he was the grandpa to the team that gave me the happiest month of my life. I like him in there because he is interesting. He has great insight and is a good character. The regular crew has good insight, but they just sound like a regular ESPN robot. They tried to put a “big personality” in there when they had Dallas Braden in the booth. Fuck Dallas Braden. He bothers the shit out of me. He was the #1 name on my mind when I first heard that ESPN was going to lay off 100+ personalities. When he talks, he just comes off as a guy who would say something like, “You wouldn’t know because you never played professional baseball”. Fuck that guy. 

Also this needs to be said. ESPN. Get rid of the strike zone during the coverage. It’s so annoying and the announcers CONSTANTLY talk about how a call should have been a strike because it was a strike in the K-Zone. Shut the hell up. Keep the K-Zone on the side of the screen and let’s get back to normal. 

With Live K-Zone
With K-Zone on the Side

Get a John Gruden in the baseball booth and things will turn around in a heart beat. That one is on the house ESPN. You’re welcome.  

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