Last Night Went Exactly Like I Expected

Well, the Warriors are now one game away from winning the NBA Finals.  Big surprise.  I have a confession for you, I have yet to watch a single minute of live action for the NBA Finals.  I don’t care.  NBA blows and these Playoffs have sucked.  I would check the core of the game last night occasionally throughout the game and when I saw that the Cavs were leading in the 2nd half, I still felt in the bottom of my heart that the Warriors had this in the bag.  Having three of the top 10 players in the sport on the same team, and then having Klay Thompson up their sleeve should always keep the confidence on Golden State’s side.


The only thing that I like out of these Finals is seeing Lebron’s Finals record get worse.  I get it.  Lebron James is a freak athlete, a basketball genius on the court and probably the most dominant player since Wilt Chamberlain.  But I still can’t stand him.  He’s a flip flopper and in this day of age when the media will swarm any player who shows a little success, it just magnifies Lebron in the public eye.  One day he posts an Instagram  video of him screaming shirtless, “I live and die for basketball!! AHHH!” and then lost Game 2 and give the media the precious quote, “At the end of the day, basketball is only a game.”  These are not the exact words, but you get the jist of it.  Another thing that is awesome about Lebron losing these finals is it another thing that Lebron fanboys have to defend.  Yes hes playing his ass off and having yet another amazing Finals statistically, but hes about to lose his 5th Finals series.  He’s played great teams obviously, but most teams in the Final round of any sports’ playoffs are great teams. So thats a weak point.  Michael never lost a finals.  That is a cornerstone argument for any MJ fan and its awesome to see these Lebron fans try and defend that.

Yes. Lebron is playing his face off and his supporting cast isn’t stepping up.  Michael had a great cast himself. But I do not believe you can use the Scottie Pippen arguement because Lebron has played with HOFers himself to win championships.  I do not know enough about basketball to fully make either argument, but I can’t stand most Lebron truthers.  I love seeing them squirm.  5 losses. FIVE FINALS LOSSES.  That’s a tough mountain to climb Lebron fans.  Good luck defending this.  Go Warriors.  Its just a game, so at the end of the day, who really cares?

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