I’m Going To Try and Find My Twin

So I was on Facebook last night and saw this video:

So that is cool as shit.  If this is a real thing, just imagine TWO or even THREE Coltons? Get in line ladies.  We would walk into a room and flood the place.  Ladies would slide off their chairs just at the thought of us.  Cities would riot.  Marriages would end. The world would literally come apart at the seams.  So I decided to sign up and find my guy.  This is going to be crazy.

What it does is scan your face and check the profiles in their database and then give you a percentage on how much they look like you.  40% is very similar. 60%+ this person might be your actual twin separated at birth.  That would be crazy.  We would start a show and be two handsome charismatic boys taking the world by storm.  I’m so pumped.  Get ready y’all.

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