I Actually Feel Bad for Mark Jackson

Well as everyone knows, the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals last night.  It was their second title in three years.  They’ve been to three straight Finals.  This is one of the best teams in recent history.  Superteam.  Yadda, yadda, yadda. You all know what happened.  What I am here to talk about, is how shitty this whole thing has to be for NBA analyst Mark Jackson.


Jackson began coaching the Warriors in the 2011-2012 season.  He struggled in his first year but followed that with a solid 2nd year, making the playoffs as a 6th seed and making it to the 2nd round.  He followed that by coaching Golden State to a 51–31 record, the team’s first season with 50 or more wins since 1993-1994, even though he lost in the 1st round to the Clippers.  Even though he brought the team from a struggling lottery team to a playoff contender after 3 seasons, seeing players like Steph and Klay grow into All-Stars, he was removed as coach and replaced by Steve Kerr.  The Warriors went on to win the NBA Championship next year under Kerr and now are in the middle of an amazing run.  The only thing that I can think of is how terrible it must be to be Mark Jackson.

Why, you ask?  Well Jackson joined the ESPN/ABC family as a commentator next to Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy.  What is great about joining this crew is that Jackson now has a front row seat to every big playoff game and give your opinion on players.  It has to absolutely killlll him to watch the Warriors and then having to give his opinion on why Steph or Klay or Dreymond are good.  He HAS to be thinking, “Of course they’re fucking good.  I coached them and saw them every day and saw how close we are.  Fuck this team.  Fuck this organization.”  Breen then kicks it over to Jackson, “Oh of course.  Steph’s quick release is something this game has never seen. Ha… Ha…”


Jackson covering this team win championships is like going to prom with your best girlfriend who you always had a crush on and then looking her up on Facebook your senior year of college and seeing that puberty hit hard and now she’s a model dating someone like Julian Edelman.  You could’ve dated her in high school but never made a move and you two went to different schools.  I’m sure in the future when you go to her wedding she will say something like, “You know I always had a huge crush on you in high school but was always way too nervous to say anything.”  Yes.  Maybe I watch too many romantic comedies, but that still has to be crushing.  I feel for you Mark Jackson,

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