Lonzo and Foot Locker With an Hilarious Commercial

I came across this video on Twitter yesterday and I was absolutely shocked.  I thought, “there is no way that LaVar would let Lonzo do a commercial like this..”  This commercial is seriously laugh out loud funny.  The seriousness on Lonzo’s face is what makes the commercial.  This is real pain.  The other players talking about the fun they had with their father is decent acting, but Lonzo is no actor.  He is speaking from the heart.

If Lonzo makes commercials poking fun at his situation throughout his career, then he will be a fan favorite wherever he ends up.  Speaking of that, there are some reports that the Lakers have promised Kansas’ Josh Jackson that he will be the 2nd overall pick.  When I first heard that, I rejoiced.  I though, “Fuck you LaVar.  You’re stupid antics really blew up in your face.”  But then I realized that Lonzo is still a 19 year old kid who’s dad controls his life.  I’ve had friends who’s parents controlled their lives in high school and they ended up snapping.  Imagine if your dad was controlling where you were chosen in the NBA Draft…?  Literally costing you millions of dollars and giving you a bulls-eye throughout the league.  Every city you go to, you hear the fans talking shit about how much they hate you because of your dad.  Sorry Lonzo.  This commercial officially made me join Team Lonzo.  This does NOT mean I am Team Lavar.  Fuck Big Baller Brand.  All-In on Lonzo and this commercial.

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