Finally, a Team That Can Beat the Warriors in a 7 Game Series

So as we were planning our next episode of  Live From the 815, me and Jake talked about what starting 5 of fictional basketball characters could beat the Warriors in a 7 game series. You can listen tomorrow to get Jake’s 5, but I am here to give you a breakdown of my squad:

PG: Air Bud

One of the first names that came to mind. The Warriors like to play a fast paced game. Running up and down the floor tiring out the defense. I need someone who is in shape and can run with the best of them with ease. Air Bud is in great basketball shape and will always give it his all out there. He’d be a tough match up on both ends. 

SG: Lucas Scott

Lucas was always the lesser talented Scott son. But like Air Bud, he alwyas showed heart. He brings intangibles to a team that are hard to find. A good coach needs his best players to also be his best people. A guy like Scott will keep the team grounded and level headed during a heated series and won’t have anyone get under his skin.  On top of that, his basketball IQ is off the charts and he shows that by becoming Tree Hill’s coach in later seasons. It’s always nice to be on the same page as one of your players on the court. It gives the coach more confidence in his squad. 

SF: Dimitri Petrovich 

This may be a shocking move to some of you out there. And I will admit, this pick may make or break my team. But “Paste” was always one of my first picks in Backyard Basketball. He is absolutely deadly from downtown. He has decent size and will always be a guy that can get hot and take a quarter over. A great option to answer a 3 if needed. He basically has no emotions, and that includes nerves. Dimitri has ice in his veins and doesn’t care who the other team is, he calculated the trajectory of his shot and can adjust his formula to accommodate any defender. Dimitri is my dark horse that may just push my squad over the top. 

PF: Billy Hoyle

The Warriors like to go small so I will too. Hoyle doesn’t have the prototypical NBA size of a power forward, but he’s going to hustle out there. Always being underestimated, Billy will leave everything he has on the court to show that he can play. The man can ball. His style of play is perfect for the league right now. He has the speed and the leaping ability to jump out of the gym and his jumper isn’t anything to sleep on either. A big reason I picked him over Sydney Deane is because Billy won the initial shooting contest between the two. One of the easiest times you can judge their abilities against each other. One won and one lost.  He’s got some work to do on defense against these Warriors, but I picked him for a reason. 

C: The Orange Monstar

This might be my most confident pick. The Orange Monstar from Space Jam is the perfect fit for this squad. He’s got a mean streak in him and loves to Billy his opponents, which will be perfect for dealing with Dreymond. He has natural leadership qualities, as he seems to be the leader of the group from Moron Mountain. This Monstar gives us the size advantage 10x over. With actual coaching and a good team around him, he has the potential and size to completely dominate the paint. Like a young Magic Shaq out there. Now, I think he takes over Charles Barkley’s abilities, so rebounding is all taken care of. As long as he doesn’t have to face anyone on Michael’s Secret Stuff, I think he will be an asset in helping me take down the defending champions. 

So there you have it. The Warriors have absolutely no chance. They may score 130 a game, but we’re going to score a million. We have everything: shooting, speed, intelligence, grit and a chip on our shoulder that will not leave until we take down these bastards. #NewSuperteam

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