Kyle Schwarber Sent to Iowa

The Cubs sent down struggling slugger Kyle Schwarber to Triple-A Iowa. After batting a league-worst .171, it’s about time Kyle gets away from the major league roster. Even if it’s for a little bit, going down to Iowa could help Schwarber clear his head and focus more on fundamentals and making contact. 

If you asked me, a known baseball mastermind, I would say Kyle going to Iowa could turn his season around. Minor league life is much simpler than life at the major league level. If he goes 0-4 with Chicago, he has to hear about it from 1,000 people on how he stinks. Newspaper headlines. Tons of blogs. All of these writers just focusing on what he is doing poorly. 0-4 down in Iowa will maybe generate 1 or 2 newspapers asking what he could do better. That’s it. He can just take that and move on, focusing on his game more than focusing on his critics. 

Even though I’m sure he’s already tried it this year, but a story that I heard last year is that when Schwarber learned that he was cleared to bat in the World Series, he went to the batting cages and just watched 100 mph go to the glove. He said he just wanted to get back to seeing the ball to the glove. Picking it up early and getting his timing down. It’s fundamental drills like this that I believe could get Schwarber back in the grove. Go back to your roots. We’ve all seen the movies. A struggling pro goes back to his roots and realizes that he went astray from what got him to the pros. But in this case, Schwarber’s home roots is Iowa and focusing on fundamentals. 

Make more contact. Watch more film. Come back to the majors for our defending run in October. It’s always calm before the storm. Get ready MLB, Hurricane Kyle is coming and it will be dangerous. 

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