Guide to Enjoying the 2017 White Sox

It has been a real up and down, mostly down, season for the Chicago White Sox. Sitting at 32-39 and 7 games out of first in the AL Central most would say the Sox fans are leaving the park unhappy more often than not, but I leave happy almost every night. Here are some ways I watch the White Sox that if you can manage to follow I guarantee will make this summer a more enjoyable one.

Wins are fun but Losses are cool too.

This is first and foremost what you need to except as a White Sox fan this year. Enjoy the Wins and don’t sweat the losses is the best mindset you can have. DO NOT take a grain of salt with each win thinking about our draft slot, this is not the NBA or the NFL, the top 10 picks are all close in risk and talent most years. Excluding the Bryce Harper and Stephan Strasburghs of the world. The losses will come naturally with the pitching staff the Sox have and the eventual trading away of the bullpen arms. The White Sox WILL draft in the top 10 next year and possibly the top 5. In baseball it’s not about where you pick as much as how you scout and develop. Example: Mike Trout goes 25th overall, two picks after the Sox took the different CF Jared Mitchell out of LSU at 23rd overall. 

Scoring Runs is all that matters.

Once you’re not worried about Wins and Losses you find the excitement in other ways. There’s a lot of bats in the lineup, young and old, that have been performing. From the awakening of Avisail Garcia to the consistency of Jose Abreu and even the ups and downs of Tim Anderson there’s a ton of stuff to watch when the Sox are at the dish. If you happen to catch a game a Guranteed Rate this year it could be a good one with the White Sox being 9th in the MLB in run scoring at home. Matt Davidson’s at bats are almost becoming must watch tv with an AB per HR of 11.6, which could lead the MLB most seasons. Avisail is also 4th in the MLB in BA at .342 and 4th in the AL with 51 RBI likely being the Sox only All Star this year although he likely won’t receive the starting spot deserves. Avisail Garcia has the highest WAR in Chicago… bet no one thought that’d be a thing a few months ago.

With our pitching staff including guys like Holland, Pelfrey, and James Shields all of who have basically zero trade value there’s not much pressure on them. So don’t sweat it when they give up 8 runs in 3 innings. The guys that matter are Quintana, Robertson, and Kahnle. All could be moved at the deadline if they’re value is high enough. Quintana still has 6 or so starts until the deadline so lets just watch him and hope he gets his ERA into the the low 4s and maybe even high 3s. He seems to be getting his mojo back after pitching a gem vs the Twins. 

It’s the little things.

Finding joy in the little things is a great way to enjoy this season. Things like Tim Anderson getting 2 walks in a game or rookies getting their first MLB hits for the Sox (Jacob May/Adam Engel). The mini breakout seasons of Yolmer Sanchez and Leury Garcia is also great to see, they both could be well above average utility players for the rebuilding White Sox. Oh and did I mention Avi has the highest WAR in Chicago? 

The Charlotte Knights are loaded.

If you just can’t handle watching the White Sox lose more often than not try checking out some Knights games. They have a ton of close to MLB ready talent, including guys like #1 overall prospect 2B Yoan Moncada. 2015 1st round pick RHP Carson Fulmer. Adam Eaton trade assets RHP Reynaldo Lopez and RHP Lucas Giolito. 2016 1st round pick fireballer CP Zach Burdi and more. 

Yoan Moncada with a solo shot.

You don’t have to watch the whole game to enjoy the Knights, just check that box score. Keep up with the foundations of the franchise and get excited for the future. Also Carlos Rodon is making possibly his last rehab start for Charlotte on Friday the 23rd so watch for that.

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