Montero DFA’d By Cubs

Miguel Montero was designated for assignment today by the Chicago Cubs. This move coming after Montero’s criticism of Jake Arrieta last night, should not come as a shock to anyone. 

After a 6-1 loss last night, Montero blamed Arrieta’s lack of concern for base runners for the 7 stolen bases last night. How can you blame the pitcher for stolen bases when Wilson Contreres has thrown out 9 of the 17 runners that have attempted to steal second while catching Jon Lester? Lester is famous for being unable to throw over to first. Contreres has also thrown out 3 of 14 while catching Arrieta this season. That one is not too good, I understand. But of the 30 total base runners that have attempted to swipe second on Montero, no matter who he’s catching, how many do you think he’s caught….? ZERO. This is more of a Montero problem than an Arrieta problem. 

This isn’t Montero’s first time expressing his frustrations to the media. Back in November, he complained to a radio station about how the team used him in the playoffs. He said that the playoff run wasn’t the same for him. He couldn’t enjoy it as much because the team disrespected him by underusing him. That is another thing that you fix internally, not talk about it with the media. 

I didn’t like how Montero handled it back in November, and I didn’t like how he handled it last night. Miggy, you aren’t producing enough to voice your opinion like this. You’re a catcher, you have to be able to throw people out. Me and you have thrown out the exact same amount of base runners this year. Shut the hell up and focus on your team. I’m glad Theo kicked you to the curb. Cut this incident out of the already struggling clubhouse. Negativity is the easiest way to divide a team, especially an underachieving one. Peace out Montero. 

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