Let’s Start Forming Some More NBA Superteams

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. More superteams is the best way to fix the NBA. These past NBA Playoffs were horrible. No more than 10 total games were competitive or interesting. The Warriors lost 1 single game. Some people think that Golden State and Cleveland forming their superteams is to blame for the lack of competitiveness and it’s hard to argue. So in my opinion the best way fix this is to fight fire with fire. Let’s form more superteams. 

That’s right. Let’s make like 6 or 7 superteams. Chris Paul to Houston is a great start. The Rockets now have two top their players and a great shooting supporting cast. Is it enough to take down the Warriors in a best of 7 series? Probably not. But it might at least be interesting to watch now. 

So now let’s see what we can do to bring success to some other teams. Blake Griffin, you’re going to Oklahoma City to help reigning MVP Russell Westbrook. Paul George and Gordon Hayward are going to look great in Celtic green. Those two make Boston a legitimate threat to challenge LeBron in a playoff series. Things would be very interesting. John Wall? You’re being traded to New Orleans. An NBA version of a Kentucky superteam. That’d be awesome. So boom. We just made three more contenders. Together. Me and you. Let’s even send Kyle Lowry to Milwaukee. Not exactly a super team, I know, but his veteran experience would help a young and exciting Milwuakee team take that next step. I personally think both Giannis and Thon Maker will be MVP candidates in the near future. 

And there you have it folks. Just a short beginning of my plan to turn this league around. I know. It’s genius. I’m a smart guy. But hey, we did it as a team. Thanks for reading. Chances of all of this happening are slim to none, but if it does I will erase this last part and say I called it all from the start. 

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