Powder Blue Needs to Come Back

Uniforms are a talking point in professional sports. Color schemes and fonts can cause you to argue to with your best friend for hours. Debates have raged on for years over which uniform is the best in any franchise’s history. Just the other day I talked unis for about an hour with my buddies and I realized something: powder blue throwbacks need to return. 

My buddies and I argued over uniforms for that whole hour but we all agreed that powder blue throwbacks are literal fire. My dad goes on his little old man rant about how the (now LA) Chargers should go back to their powder blues permanently. 

The only problem with going back to these bad boys would be that lives would end because these are fresh to death. Unbelievable. Look good. Play good. So goddamn good. 

I’m going to be rating my top jerseys in every major sport. I’ve already dropped my NHL one here. But I just wanted to drop these baby’s here real quick because this thought needed to get out there. They’re all beautiful. Bring them back everyone. I don’t have much in life. I need this. 

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