Power Rankings of “Friday Night Lights” Characters

Friday Night Lights is on my sort list of “Must Watches” on Netflix, so obviously when I got a new roommate for the summer, I told her that she needed to watch it.  I watch every episode with her because the first 3 seasons are hot hot hot.  Seasons 4 & 5 are a black eye to the series.  We are currently balls deep in season two and I feel the need to rank these characters.  I feel like it would help me sleep at night knowing I have ranked a few of these Dillon, TX residents.

I will not break down each and every character, just my cream of the crop.  I will also give you some hot takes on my least favorite people.  Without further delay, here… we.. go..

Top 5


5. Herc

Kind of a ballsy move to put a character that some people consider a minor character in the top 5.  I know.  I am a ballsy guy.  Herc was hilarious.  He brought honesty and helped Jason come back to reality.  He cut the depression time for Jason in half.  He was funny as shit, he didn’t like (bitch ass) Lyla and he gave Jason a friend that actually treated him like a friend because of who he was and not because of the accident. I enjoyed literally every single scene that Herc was in.  I wanted needed more witty and brutally honest comments from this guy in the series. You fucking rule Herc.  Let’s party.



tumblr_nnwenbtkWJ1sfe2cco8_4004. Tim Riggins

Tim Muthafucking Riggins.  I have been all over the place with this guy.  The bad boy of Dillon with a heart of gold.  Riggins is the most charming bad ass I may know, in real life or fictional.  Hes can be so polite and sweet but then will miss a week or two of school and practices and games because he went to Mexico with Jason.  I relate better to the quiet nice guy and that is the only reason Tim isn’t atop of this list.  But I am always sucked in when I see Tim and Bo hang out in his front yard.  Teaching Bo how to punch so he could defend himself at school isn’t fair to anyone who is against Tim at any time during the series.  Those two might be my favorite duo, other than my top two o this list, in the whole series.  His golf swing could use a little work, but other than that, this guy is the biggest heartthrob the state of Texas has ever seen.

Matt-Saracen-01.jpg3. Matt Saracen

QB1. 7. Grandma’s Boy. Shy-guy extraordinaire.  This may not be a popular opinion, but I am Team Saracen.  Yes, Tim Riggins is the bad boy and more charming and would take a bullet for his guys, but Matt is the sweetest guy of all time.  I was a little shy bitch in high school so I can always relate to the quiet, shy in any situation.  Saracen went from awkward backup to QB1 of the State Champion Dillon Panthers.  And that’s me not even bringing up Matt taking care of his grandma and how goddamn adorable that was.  If Saracen can make that transformation in one season, then I can transform from the boy I am today into a man eventually in my life.


2. Coach Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor, coach of your Dillon Panthers.  This guy is the man.  Coach Taylor is a father figure to an entire football team and basically the entire town of Dillon. He is a football genius and just an overall great guy.  As he was getting sued by the Streets, he would still talk to Jason and make sure everything was okay.  Who gives a shit about this stupid lawsuit when Jason is an 18 year old cripple who needs a perfect father figure.  The scenes with Jason and Coach Taylor talking back in forth might be in my top 3 collection of scenes in the whole series.  Also, I can’t believe that he wouldn’t get more college offers after winning state without Jason Street, the number one quarterback in the nation.  He’s a family man, a community man, a football guy and one lucky son-of-a-bitch for having Tami Taylor as a wife.

1. Tami Taylor1cd4959168dcfbd5eba879a86679b14b

Coach’s wife. School counselor. Complete MILFM.  Mother I’d Like to Fucking Marry. Tami Taylor is the most perfect human being in any show ever. She is unbelievable.  She is understanding and patient for being the coach’s wife. How she keeps it together when Buddy Garrity shows up at her door in the middle of the night just to tell Eric something he could have told him over the phone.  She is a very similar parental figure that Coach Taylor is to his team.  She helped Tyra become a strong woman and kept her out of trouble.  Tami is funny, witty, smart, supportive and an absolute certified dime piece.  The definition of perfect wife in the dictionary should have Tami Taylor’s name in it somewhere.  I think I am in love with her and it makes my love life so much harder because I will always compare a girl in real life to Mrs. Taylor.


Honorable Mentions


Bo Miller

What little kid wouldn’t be excited to live next to Tim Riggins?  Bo was the awkward, hyper-active, adorable little kid that stole all of our hearts when he and his (hot) mom moved next door to Tim and Billy.  Tim took Bo under his wing and made sure that he could defend himself at school and even gave him tickets to Panther games on Friday nights.  His honesty gave Bo the little kid charm that is way too adorable to overlook.


Landry Clarke

I’m not sure if this is how everyone feels, but I loved Landry.  Representing the dorky and awkward side of QB1 Matt Saracen, Landry was quite the underdog the whole series.  Somehow making the football team, getting with Tyra, committing murder.  Landry kept on overcoming obstacle after obstacle.  His attempts to ride Matt’s coat tails to get girls always cracked me up, so we will give him an honorable mention.



Corrina Williams

I kind of hated Smash throughout the series, but I always had a soft spot for how he treated his mama.  Mrs. Williams was the shiiiiit.  She busted her ass to make sure her family got through and got out of the ghetto.  There aren’t many other things to say about her.  She was just awesome.  Kept Smash humble as much as she could and even helped out Tami when she was trying to get a pregnancy test.

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