Nate Robinson Dunks on Shaq on the Set of the “Uncle Drew” Movie

Kyrie Irving’s Uncle Drew commercials are coming to the big screen as Lionsgate picked up the concept and now will make it a full length movie.  The film will follow Uncle Drew as he goes on a roadtrip to gang up his buddies for one last tournament set in Rucker Park.

Seeing this Nate Robinson dunk brings back so many memories.  Most casual basketball fans think of Robinson as the little guy who can dunk.  Not wrong.  Look at his Dunk Contest Highlights against Dwight Howard.  Electric.  But the Nate Robinson that I think of is the Chicago Bull Nate Robinson putting on the performance of lifetime in a playoff game against the Brooklyn Nets:

I watched that game live and I was losing my mind.  As you watch that video, pay attention to when the Robinson highlights start.  All second half and overtime.  One of the first games that comes to my mind when somebody asks the question, “What is the best game you’ve ever watched?”  I’m interested to see what the movie turns out like.  Give me more Nate please.

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