New South Park Video Game “The Fractured But Whole” Changes Your Skin Color as the Difficulty Increases

South Park and the Stick of Truth was the show’s first video game and after its release in 2014, fans were asking for more.  The game had a fun story line and the classic South Park banter that has always stirred a little controversy.  Here are the Top 10 funniest moments from the first game (Obviously NSFW):

Now, Parker and Stone have pushed the boundaries again in the game’s sequel, South Park: The Fractured But Whole.  As you create your character, you come to a screen where you must select the difficulty of the game.  The more difficult you make the game, the darker your character becomes.

The South Park team seems to always bring the heat and never back down from social issues and even in their video games they manage to get their message out there.  Usually, including this case, their risque joke can hit home with a lot of people while pointing out the obvious.  Love these guys.  Love this show, even after last season’s disappointment. The show and game will be amazing as usual and it blows my mind that these two can do this for this long.

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