We May Have Witnessed the Birth of a Superstar Last Night

Holy shit.  What a debut from Toledo’s very own Kareem Hunt.  Imagine being a boy from Willoughby, OH to growup and play some DI ball at Toledo.  Working your ass off and somehow getting yourself to the NFL just to make your debut against the defending champs.  The GOAT at QB and coaching.  They had a whole gameplan to stop you after your starter went down with an injury.  That must be tough.  What does Hunt do?

Screen Shot 2017-09-08 at 1.06.21 AM

That is absolutely bonkers.  The dude went off.  The Patriots defense isn’t supposed to lead the league or anything but they still know how to play.  They know how to scheme and prepare for almost any weapon.  But the rookie comes out and puts out basically 250 all-purpose yards.  45.6 Fantasy Points in my PPR league.  This may come as a surprise to some but to many NFL Insiders, Hunt’s breakout performance is no shock.  Here are his college highlights at the national powerhouse Toledo Rockets:

With a highlight reel like that and a debut that will be talked about for years, Hunt may be the 2017 model of Ezekiel Elliott. The third-round pick may have just helped take down the 9-point favorites in the season opener, but there is a chance he is just getting started.

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