Here We Have the Beginning to a Hall of Fame Career

Poor Sergio Dipp.  I bet he was so excited when he got the call telling him that he was going to make his debut on ESPN Monday Night Football.  He sat in bed dreaming his whole life of finally making it to the big time and be the on field reporter he knew he was supposed to be.  Instead he has a mini seizure and can’t form a simple sentence.  All he was trying to do was be a nice guy and say he was honored to be there.  Nope.  Can’t even do that.  The guy should have jumped into a pile at the goal line and hoped somebody hit him so hard that the world would be forced to remember him as the goal line guy and not the guy who is have the TIME OF HIS LIFE.  Just a little advice, Sergio.  That one is on the house.


Having the worst moment of your career on live television has to be terrible.  Doing it on live tv and then watching Twitter roast you is even worse.

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