Tony Romo With the Most Impressive Week 1 Debut in the NFL

People worried that he didn’t have enough charisma.  People worried that he might not know what to do or say in the booth.  People worried that Tony Romo retiring from playing in the NFL and move on to calling it was a mistake.  Those people are dead wrong.

Romo made his debut in Week 1 calling the Titans-Raiders game and to anyone who missed it, watch the video above.  He was calling plays before they happened and was right every single time.  The guy’s got it all.  Great smile.  Funny personality.  And now can bring the mind of a damn good NFL Quarterback to life and do it well.  Eat shit Phil Simms.  Tony Football is looking pretty damn good in a headset (Because he has had so much practice backing up Dak last year.  ZING)

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