Reddit Has Dug Too Deep Into My Favorite Documentary Ever: Space Jam

Okay this is deep and some may even say it is annoying.  I absolutely love this kind of stuff.  Do you know the brains it takes to think about something this much?  The mental capacity in this person is so impressive that the fact that they are spending it on Space Jam theories would make college professors sick.  They could go to school at MIT or work for NASA.  Instead, he is diving deep into the world of Space Jam and Loony Tune Land.

I love fan theories. I love when very smart people use their intelligence to make sense of a movie where the best basketball player quits baseball to help cartoons in a game of life or death,  I say it is my favorite documentary for a reason.  I do truly believe that this movie is the single reason MJ came back from retirement to win 3 more NBA Championships.  What a story.  What a career.  MJ > LeBron.

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