What You Missed Over the Weekend: Boise State Football Has a Very Special Kickoff-Tee Retriever


The weekend was full of stories.  Maybe you focused on the GGG-Canello corruption.  Maybe you focused on the NFL weekend.  For those of you who enjoy positive stories from the sports world, look no more.  Boise St. has a dog that retrieves its kickoff tees after the play is over.  The clip above went viral over the weekend and showed that good boys don’t always have to finish second.

This is not the first time that the Boise St pup has made some waves.  Here is a clip from last season of the dog doing its job:


If you are a person who looooves progress, here is a video of this little guy training on one of his first days on the job:

I can’t get enough of this guy.  He is a grinder through and through.  He keeps his head down and just goes out in between the lines to do his job.  Thank you Boise St.  We need more dogs in sports and that is a scientific fact.

And just because Boise St got their pup viral doesn’t mean I won’t show some love to the other kickoff-tee retriever in college football, New Mexico St’s Stryker.


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