The Milwaukee Brewers Have Spent the Least Money Per Win This Season


I came across this graph last night and I think these are the stats that I would focus on if I were in a small market like the Brewers.  The fact that they are in the wild card race this late in the season while staying under their budget is definitely something to take note of.  This young GM, David Stearns, is doing one hell of a job.  The Brewers have been in the running for a playoff spot all season, up against historic franchises like the Cardinals and defending World Series Champion Cubs with a core of young 20-year-olds.

Keep an eye on this squad.  These money-per-win stats aren’t something to fart at.  Sterns could have the Brewers as a contender for awhile.  For my sake, as a Cubs fan, Milwaukee could eat a turd.  Go Cubs.

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