Jason Peters Put the Fear of God Into Jake Elliot Before Making the 61-Yard Game Winner

Thank the Lord in heaven Elliot made the longest kick in Eagles history.  If he misses at the end of regulation, Peters might have been locked up for murder.

Can you imagine being 5’9″, 170 lbs Jake Elliot and you walk passed 6’4″, 328 lbs Jason Peters and he comes at you, without a single ounce of joking in the tone of his voice, telling you not to miss anymore?  Jesus Christ.  Elliot looked like such a nerd getting bullied in the hallway and there was literally nothing he could do other than make his field goal.  This is what people think every kicker’s life is on the sidelines every week.  But then you think, “Naaa, they’re adults and professionals.  I’m sure it’s not that bad.”  Nope.  It’s EXACTLY how it is on the sidelines.  You’re either a shark or a minnow.  Jason Peters is the biggest shark lock of all time.  Elliot is just a minnow that made a deal with the devil and survived another week.

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