Detroit Tigers’ Andrew Romine Plays All 9 Defensive Positions In Yesterday’s Season Finale

What a season.  2017 saw some cool things.  Stanton almost getting to the 60 HR mark.  Altuve being unbelievable.  Kluber mowing down the AL on his way to another Cy Young.  But yesterday, the Detroit Tigers really showed their last-place stripes (Not bad, huh?)

Not too shabby.  Pretty cool.  With Kinsler having full managerial duties, we saw the kid side of baseball players.  This reminds me of when we would play the really bad teams in Little League and everyone played somewhere that we would’ve never thought it.  A left handed shortstop.  An overweight catcher.  Me throwing junk on the mound.  Classic stuff.  Cool way to finish a terrible season in Detroit. Now onto October.

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