Cam Newton is an Idiot

So Cam Newton was asked about routes from a female reporter and he laughed at her for asking the question.  The internet exploded and people are outraged.  Now first let me say this, Cam is an asshole for doing this.

Yeah it can come off as sexist and others can see it as playful, but either way its a dick move.  Whether that is a man or woman, Cam is being such a prick here.  I am so tired of Cam giving attitude in his answers and then getting shocked when people say they don’t like him.  Just answer the fucking question and go back to practice.  Even if your comment was sexist and you don’t believe that women should be asking questions about routes, keep it to yourself.  You get paid millions of dollars to be a great NFL quarterback and to be a public figure for the franchise so you can’t be saying things like this.  I lost so much respect for Cam when he didn’t dive for his fumble in the Super Bowl.

You’ve played well against the NFL’s worst defense, congratulations.  Pick up your shit and get back to MVP form.  You’re on my fantasy team so just go play well.

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