The Vegas Golden Knights Did Their Home Opener Right

For those of you that missed it last night or even don’t watch hockey at all, you missed out on one of the coolest things I’ve seen in awhile.  The expansion NHL team, the Vegas Golden Knights, played their very first home game in the city of Las Vegas.  The very first professional sports franchise in the city finally got to reveal everything to their fans.  Vegas could have gone all out and put on a show to go along with the theme of the rest of The Strip and nobody would’ve been surprised.  Instead, the franchise dedicated the entire game to the victims and those affected by the horrendous acts of the Vegas Shooting.

They started the game by showing the name of each person who lost their life in the shooting:

Then, players and coaches honored the first responders by escorting them onto the ice during the pregame ceremony:

The game starts.  People are emotional.  Who knows how this expansion team is going to play early in front of their fans for the first time?

Wow.  This sure is going well.  Cool shit to see.  How could it get any better?  How about Las Vegas resident Deryk Engelland scoring a goal in his home city on what has to be one of the highlights of his life:

Storybook stuff.  Absolutely incredible.  It is amazing seeing people come together in such times of tragedy and for one night,  the people of Las Vegas can get away from the grief and the stress in their lives to enjoy a professional hockey game in their backyard for the first time in history.

Big fan of the Vegas Golden Knights.  Goosebumps for everyone.  Are you ready for hockey’s first professional perfect season?  Me too.

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