This New Macklemore Song Hits High School Colton Right In the Feels

That is what I’m talking about folks.  Two of High School Colton’s favorite artists releasing a song that makes me think back at all of the good ass times I’ve had in the past.

ALERT! This will probably get a little more personal than a regular post.  Too much going on with the Vegas Shooting, Sexual Abuse in the news, hearing bad and scary news about our political leaders and everyone protesting everything.  Too many negative people out there right now.  But we will get there later.

Anyway, High School Colton is back yall!  First off, this song is a BANGER.  It gave me some good ass nostalgia and now, about to turn 23, I really appreciate it.  I’m getting to the age in adulthood where things can happen to me and people who don’t personally know me won’t freak out.  Have a baby? Okay.  Getting engaged and married? Sure! That makes sense.

Well, that makes sense for some people, but I am nowhere near being an adult and I don’t see that transformation coming any time soon.  I bring all that up because growing up, I would think that I would have things figured out a little more by now, but hey guess what? Nowhere near it.

What I get from this song is that people will always look back and think stuff was better than it was.  You miss a ton of amazing things going on in life during the present when you worry about other stuff.  Clichès like the one from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, “Life Moves Pretty Fast.  If You Don’t Stop and Look Around Once In Awhile, You Could Miss It” are popular for a reason.  They’re true.  People, me included, need to stop more often and take a deep breath.  Look around and enjoy the people and things around you like you will never see them again.

Now that we (people my age) are all becoming adults, it’s easy to think back at good memories and think you had it better back then.  It is also easy to look at others now and think that they have it better than you do.  You know what? Grow up.  Do you.  Love life.  You really never know when it will be taken from you.  The only thing that you can do to enjoy your day is to take advantage of every minute you have.  There aren’t many actual reasons that can hold someone back from what they actually want.

All that being said, banger of a song.  Needed a rant.  Nobody really reads these anyway so I really don’t care.  Shoutout to Macklemore and Kesha.  I’m glad you’re both back.  I miss my homies from Summer ’16, RVC and when I was living it up in high school.  Love you all.  I hope you read this and go out and kick the day’s ass.  Live it up.  Cheers.


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