I Need to Attend the World Jump Rope Finals Next Year

This is incredible.  Some people go throughout their entire lives without knowing what they were put on this earth to do.  Feeling an empty hole in their soul day in and day out.  Some other people on the other hand are lucky enough to come across their destiny early on and are able to master their craft and change their lives.

These jump-ropers are a part of the second group.  Absolutely electric from the first second to the end.  The creator of this sport is a genius/loser (in the best way).  They took average gymnastics and average jump-roping and combined them into something that has changed people’s lives.

A few things I wanna know:

  1. How much swagger do you get with a World Championship Title?
  2. How hot are the Jump Roping Groupies?
  3. How many World Jump Roping athletes would it take to beat James Harrison in a fight?

If you have any of these answers, please do not hesitate to shoot me a message.

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