For Those of You That Forgot, Sports Illustrated Predicted the Astros as the 2017 World Series Champions… in 2014

Yeah you read that right.  A shot in the dark actually might pan out for the magazine.  Crazy huh?


The June 30th, 2014 issue of Sports Illustrated named the Houston Astros the 2017 World Series Champions.  They were losing 100 games a season back then so now it seems incredible that they had the insight and the amazing gut feeling that the Astros would turn the franchise around in just 3 short years to reach the Fall Classic.  Crazy huh?  I bet they were peacocking around at the beginning of this season just getting ready to tell the world “I told you so.”

You would think all that right? Well, SI changed their minds this year, instead of doubling down on the amazing chance to look like geniuses to the world.  The 2017 MLB Season Preview edition of SI had the LA Dodgers as their 2017 World Series Champions…

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 12.55.54 AM.png
Excerpt from

Brutal man… Not that it is the Dodgers against the Astros, SI might seem like they are even smarter than they would’ve been if they only stuck with Houston, but not to me.  Calling your shot 4 years before is such a baller move and Sports Illustrated really missed an opportunity to be the big swinging dick on the block.

There aren’t many things you can say to someone who calls such a turnaround from a franchise like Houston at that time.  That is like calling Trump’s presidency while Obama was getting his 2nd term.  Saying the Russians will fall to the US in the 1980 Olympic tryouts.  Squints marrying Wendy Peffercorn before the pool fiasco.  Simply impossible.

Let’s go Astros.  Fuck the Dodgers.  Go Cubs.

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