Al Harrington and David Stern Talking Weed is Laugh Out Loud Funny to Me

The actual interview starts at 7:10.  The funny stuff starts at 9:30.

This is good stuff.  Al Harrington is talking to the man that players would fear during their career, and Al is just flat out telling him that he smoked while playing in his league and never failed a test.  Stern’s reaction made me laugh too.  He just sat there and basically was like, “Well, shit.  Well done sir.”

David Stern seems like a funny and down to earth guy who DEFINITELY wants to do the weed.  When Al told him that he brought some for him, Stern did not seem upset or uncomfortable in any way.  He seemed pumped that one of his friends finally offered and he’s been waiting for years.

It’s cool seeing somebody who held the position that Stern did talk about how open he is to seeing the rules change and make marijuana legal in the NBA for states that have legalized it is a step in the right direction.

I would love to have a beer with Stern.  Big Dave seems like the nerd that would fit in at any party with any group of people.

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