The Next Show You Need to Watch on Netflix: Big Mouth

With my journey of Game of Thrones currently going on, you would think I wouldn’t be able to fit any more shows in my life.  But when you are in Westeros for 6 hours in a row, you need a little comedic relief.  And I FOUND IT.

Big Mouth 2

Big Mouth is about two best friends and the rest of their friend group going through puberty.  And let me tell you, it sure is raunchy.

In-show BFF’s Nick and Andrew are voiced by show creator Nick Kroll and comedian John Mulaney.

Big Mouth 3

The show follows the trials and tribulations of a kid going through puberty and arguing with what the show calls their “Hormone Monster”.  These Monsters are super raunchy and definitely push the boundary of inappropriate and weird humor.

bigmouths01e0814m22s20671f 1

The 10 episode season is super easy to watch, each episode being only 30ish minutes.  Storylines go anywhere from a boy fucking his pillow, then getting her pregnant and dealing with the life after childbirth to a young lady finally meeting her vagina and exploring around.

Yeah you read those right.  And yes, you may not have expected these screenshots.  This show is unbelievable and not like anything I have ever watched before.

This series doesn’t really use many things as a comedic crutch.  It uses dirty jokes, self awareness jokes and then making fun of themselves.  It has a character for anyone to connect to.  You had the same struggles of being awkward going through puberty? Meet Andrew.  Went through puberty late? Andrew is your man.  Plenty of women characters, parent characters, teachers and everything in between.Coach Steve

I personally have a favorite, and that is Coach Steve.

I have watched through the entire season two separate times already and I am officially saying this: Coach Steve does not have a single line that did not make me laugh out loud.

He is one of the funniest characters I have ever seen on a show.  He is such a moron and they use his character just enough to not annoy me and keep me wanting more.  I love you Coach Steve.

Give it a watch.  You will NOT regret it.  You can basically get the jist of the show in this trailer…

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