This Dad’s Tee-Ball Commentary is One of the Funniest Things I’ve Ever Watched


This might be the dad of the year.  He had me rolling as I watched this a second, third and even fourth time. (And I’ve been sick lately so not much has put me in a good mood)

I see parents everyday raising their kid with too much caution and it ends up making kids grow up to be pussies.  Not this guy’s kid, that is for sure.  I don’t quite know if it is his child he is commentating on but his harsh honesty is perfect.

He has been to three games this week and there hasn’t been a single run yet.  He has had enough with this kid’s attitude and it is time that somebody said something.

What really had me rolling was that in all of his angst for this young player, he snuck in an “overweight 2nd base coach” jab there right in the middle.  He doesn’t care what age you are, he shows no mercy.

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