Giancarlo Potentially Becoming a Cub Makes It Move For Me

Okay. Potentially is used loosely here.

It is well known that slugger Giancarlo Stanton is on the Trading Block and is one of the biggest bats on the trade market in my lifetime (I’m 23 years old). GM meetings started up yesterday so talks will heat up here real soon.

According to some articles that I have thumbed through, a rumored 7 teams are already in pursuit of Stanton, with the Cardinals and Giants being the early front runners.  The other teams rumored to be interested are the Phillies, Red Sox, Dodgers, Yankees and, the most important team on this list, the Chicago Cubs.

Now, I understand that the Cubs are basically going to be on every list of interested teams for any big player as long as Theo and Company are running the show, but this still pumps me up.  The thought of Stanton in a Cubs uniform actually made me sweaty and gave me butterflies.  His 700 foot home runs would land all over the city, so fans wouldn’t even have to chill outside the park to catch dingers.

A trade to move Stanton to Chicago would literally deplete the depth of the Cubs.  Big league names like Baez, Schwarber, Happ and Almora would be involved and then toss in 3 or 4 of our top prospects.  That is scary, I know.  Those big league names are all fan favorites and saying “top prospects” seems like it relates to success due to the instant success of the Cubs prospects in the past few years.

Here’s the thing.  Our team is electric and a very well rounded team.  Our top need is pitching, both in the pen and the rotation.  But Stanton is literally a once-in-a-lifetime talent.  He finally played a full season and could potentially win MVP this season on a team that never sniffed the playoff race.  He is the kind of player that, when healthy, is worth the hall that I discussed above.  Imagine pitching late in a playoff game and the heart of the Cubs order is coming up in a tie game, bottom of the ninth.  Bryant. Stanton. Rizzo. Conteras. Poop would literally explode out of the pitcher’s pants.

Without going too much into it, Stanton is worth it. Look at this guy:


That isn’t a shirt.  That is paint.  Humans weren’t supposed to have that many muscles.  The dude has around -13% body fat.

It may sound like I’m crushing on him, but if he goes to the Giants and crushes dingers out of Wrigley in the top of the inning in the Postseason, I will hate the guy.  And please God, please, do NOT let him go to St. Louis.  Please.


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