Seeing Two of the Top Four MLB Prospects Being Former Cubs Ruined My Night

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Two of the four best young players in the game have come from the Chicago Cubs organization. That would have been sweet.  This is officially Greedy Colton talking, hello everyone.  Greedy Colton just watched the 2017 (defending champion) Chicago Cubs get manhandled by the Dodgers in the Postseason.  That team couldn’t hit a lick. But three consecutive NLCS’s is a problem that I honestly never thought I’d have in my life.  Complaining that my team was three wins away from a second consecutive World Series appearance makes me feel like a spoiled rich kid who got the wrong color Mercedes for my 16th birthday.

The Torres trade sounds bad now because Chapman just went right back to New York the very next season.  But the Cubs do not win that World Series without him so I will give up the #1 Overall Prospect for a ring 100/100.  But Colty Retrospect sees the holes that Torres could’ve filled now.  Imagine tossing in Torres and Jimenez into this lineup now. Oh baby.  That is a 6 to 7 man stretch that would make a pitcher sweat and swallow some vomit.

The Jimenez trade will take some time to play out so we will have to see the players that Jimenez and Quintana become for their teams.  I say, unless the Cubs win a World Series with Q on their roster, then the Sox won that trade.  The Yankees deal was a win-win for both teams, but the Sox have the chance to runaway with the victory when it comes to this trade.  If Q does win a ring on the North Side and Jimenez still becomes an All-Star, I can live with that.  I will wish the Sox the best of luck, but I will love that second ring.

All that being said, I know I sound like a little bitch.  Before the 2016 World Series, I said that I would give up an entire lifetime of championships from the rest of my other teams combined for one Chicago Cubs World Series ring.  I got it.  So I guess I’m never seeing any more success, but I can live with that.

Go Cubs.  Get Stanton.  Make me feel better.

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