He Back. Tiger’s 69 Yesterday Proves That He Will Win 10 More Majors.

The return of Tiger Woods is the beginning to the next phase of Tiger Woods dominance.  Some may say, “Oh, he’s too old” or “The game has evolved and there are too many good players out there now”.  My mother even says some nonsense like, “Hey Colton, it’s getting kind of weird how much you love Tiger, you seem to sweat too much when you talk about him”.

Well mom, the joke is on you and on the rest of the haters out there. Tiger. Woods. Is. Back. That’s right.  I’ve heard the all of the experts say, and I quote, “When Tiger Woods shoots a 69 on his first round back after his most recent injury, he will get back to form and win many, many more majors”….  Now that may not have been experts, but more Drunk Colton last night at the bars.  But either way, within it is the most important point: Eldrick Woods is golfing again (and kind of well, so far).

His tee shot off 1 honestly made it move, and I am not afraid to share that with you.

Can I borrow a mop? It just got super soaked up in here. It kind of sucks because I just bought these pants, but it was so worth it.  After I dried those bad boys off, I thought I was in the clear.  But then… this happened…

Good…. Lord…. I slipped off my chair.

All in all, way better than I expected him to play.  I set his standards like I try to set my own with girlfriends, just set the bar on the ground and literally roll over it.  The fact that Tiger swung and walked on his own may have gotten me just as excited.  But alas, here we are with a fit and healthy Tiger ready to take the world by storm.  It is so unavoidable, that God Him/Herself brought down a rainbow right as Mr. Woods finished up his round.

After the Great Flood, God brought down a rainbow to show that the end was here.  Well, after what Tiger did to my pants yesterday, I guess the Great Flood has ended yet again.

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