I Can’t Imagine Being Anywhere Close to As Athletic As These Maryland Jump-Ropers

College is a time to experiment.  Some change sexual orientations.  Some dabble in playing the guitar.  Currently, I am trying to start a blog.  Crazy stuff.  But when these guys grow up and talk about their college days, the first thing that is going to come to their minds will be the hours and hours they spent jumping some rope with their crew.

Now, at first when a 33 year old account starts to talk about the Jump-Roping squad they used to roll with back in their college days, he sounds like the biggest weenie of all time.  But then you see a video and you realize these jumpers are so jacked and athletic.  They are 15x the athlete that I will ever be.  I can’t even do like, 50 jumps in a row without wheezing and coming inches from death itself.  Huge props to these guys and the entire jump rope community.

PS:  The people on this team DEFINITELY bang.  It’s got to be like when the Stanford Band was in hot water for the band orgies that were going on.  The jump-roping community is tight… But the jump-ropers aren’t….

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