I Have Seen a Mookie Betts for Kyle Schwarber Rumor Float Around and I am Here For It

So apparently, the Red Sox have kicked the tires a little bit on Kyle Schwarber.  Before anyone gets any sort of excitement (myself), this is more than likely just the Red Sox front office doing its job and looking around just so they don’t miss anything.  The Winter Meeting are coming up and Boston has to do something to react to Giancarlo going to the Bronx (fuck me).

Since there are very little facts in this sort of story, there aren’t any names being thrown out there so all we have is speculation.  I have seen people on both Reddit and Twitter throw some names out there and nothing really made it move for me.  But then, after I got REAL deep in the Twittersphere, I saw one name pop up that was amazing.

Mookie.  Betts.

A Schwarber/one more young player for Betts deal would get me so jazzed up.  It would be tough to pass up a Schwarber/Russell/minor leaguer for Mookie. Betts is the real deal both in the field and at the plate.  He is an old Theo guy from Boston and the former AL MVP runner-up would get my nipples hard thinking about the potential in that lineup.


Would it suck to see one of our homegrown 2016 World Series heroes leave?  Of course.  I have been Team Schwarber since Day 1 and I love him like a son.  But the consistency with the glove and bat from Betts pushes us back to the NLCS, and maybe even the World Series.

Let’s. Go.


PS.  Came across this Twitter poll from 2016, only 46 votes, but it fits most Cubs fans perfectly.

Betts is a superstar. Period.

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