Make Monday’s Great Again

Welcome to MMGA.  Monday’s are always the absolute worst.  You get back to class after a weekend bender or you’re sitting in your cubicle just dreading the sight of Microsoft Excel.  Well, here is a little distraction for you.

If you need a way to get motivated for the week, or even just for your life, go over to Gary Vee and feel like a loser for not giving the effort you should be.

If you seem motivated, or even just content, but just need something else to get Monday going for you, I got you.  Sometimes, just a song can slightly turn your attitude around.  This week’s song is going to be a small little pop gem.  Cher Lloyd’s hot ass brings the heat with “Want U Back”.

Maybe you just think that your next diet is going to be the one that gets you back to that hot body.  Well, let’s get some cheap ass meals up in here and turn some heads at the beach next summer.  Gotta start somewhere.

If none of those makes it move for you, let’s just start the week off with a laugh.  Vine announced last week that they have a new platform coming out soon, V2.  Here are some of the old Vines that had me pissing my pants.


I hope everyone has a great week.  Let’s make Gary Vee proud.

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