We Need More of This NHL Referee Cam

This shit is awesome.  What a perfect video to show the speed of an NHL game.  The first time I attended an NHL game was in 2015 when I went to Chicago to watch the Blackhawks take on the Capitals.  The thing that got me was the pure speed of the game.  It was organized chaos out there and to a guy who has never seen a game this fast, it seemed like nobody knew what the hell was going on.  But obviously, everyone was on the same page and put on a great show.

Before my first NHL game, I interned for an AHL team two years ago and the game seemed so much faster than I have ever seen before.  So this was a whole level below the NHL and the sport was a blast to watch.  I interned for the Communications department and did a lot of work with social media and video, so I was always down by the ice during games.  These giant athletes are gliding around on skates and beating the shit out of each other.  People who don’t normally watch hockey definitely need to.  It’s a sport that is rich with history and now have a ton of young players coming up.  The game is only getting faster and quicker and better.  Every.  Single.  Year.

PS. My favorite hockey videos to watch are always Mic’d Up videos.  I love the whole different language that hockey players use and the chirping back and forth crack me up.

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