Make Monday’s Great Again

Yooooo.  It’s Monday y’all.  Weekend full of bar crawls and mimosas has come to an end and a week of responsibilities starts with today.  Monday’s are usually shitty and miserable, so here I am doing my best to help make today just a little better.

Have you been thinking of learning how to cook?  Well you can teach yourself with a few cooking videos.  My guy Shawn Lathem over at Barstool Heartland can show you how to cook for the hunnies on $20 Chef.

If you grew up, like me, and loved Drake and Josh, then watching YouTuber David Dobrik bringing Josh Peck to the house from the show will hit you right where your middle school self is.

Dave Grohl has lived one of the greatest lives of all time.  Nirvana. Foo Fighters.  And just being an all around cool-ass dude.  Jam to my personal favorite Foo Fighters song.

Finally, just a super quick Vine that gets me every single time.


PS: Check out our sweet ass interview with Hall of Fame baseball player, Fergie Jenkins.


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