The Boston Celtics Now Have Two #1 Overall Picks In Their Organization As THE Maine Red Claws Trade for Anthony Bennett

Wow.  The wizard Danny Ainge has done it again.  Just months ago, the Boston Celtics had exactly zero #1 Overall Picks in the organization.  And now, they have two.  Just another example of Ainge pulling strings and levers to build another Celtic dynasty.

Bennett has to be considered one of the biggest busts of all time, right?  This guy lives in the G-League and was once considered, by at least one confirmed organization, to be the best player in the draft.

Before I wrote this blog, I went and took a look at Bennett’s draft class to see what the Cavs missed out on. And honestly, they did not miss much.  Sure, Oladipo now looks like the one that got away.  And yes, Giannis was down there at the 15 spot for the Bucks.  Rudy Gobert has even made an All-Star game or two.

Other than those three, that draft was trash. Gross.  But I will still take a trashy player like Mason Plumlee, who can still stay on a roster, first overall before I take Anthony Bennett.  Not a good look for all parties involved.  But who knows?  Maybe the Maine Red Claws coaching staff helps something click for Bennett and all of a sudden, the Celtics have the next Charles Barkley.  Maybe, unlikely, but maybe.

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