Big Shoutout to this Guy for Raising Awareness for Texas Roadhouse Bread

You said it KevOnStage.  I don’t think I’ve ever connected with anyone more than I have connected with KevOnStage.  Texas Roadhouse bread is unbelievable and if you told me that they actually sneak Crack and/or Cocaine (tbh I really don’t know the difference) in the butter I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

I remember the first time I ever ate these warm buns, I had four baskets to myself.  That’s right. FOUR.  As you can see in this gentleman’s hand, there are about 3-4 buns per basket.  So as you can guess, my tummy was quite full.  I then proceeded to play a game of basketball about an hour later, got very winded and threw up said baskets of buns.  After all of that, I still love these things.  If something is still appetizing after a good vomit, then you know it’s the real deal.

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