Going From 0-12 to 13-0 In Just Two Seasons is Bananas

The University of Central Florida football team did not lose a game this season.  They scored more points than their opponents quite fricken’ often.  Big congrats to the Knights on a perfect season.

The craziest part to me about the whole thing is that just two years ago, UCF did not win a single game. 0-12.  Not only that, 51 players from the winless roster are on the current roster.

Imagine this.  You work your ass off to prepare for something.  Two-a-days in 100 degree heat.  Having vomit escape your body because of how hard you are pushing.  Then, you just suck ass.  You will stop doing that and do anything else in this world to bring joy to your sad, little life.

But instead, the Knights came back and ran the goddamn table just two years later.  Incredible.

(Side Note)  How did I not know one of their best defensive players only had one hand?

2018 Peach Bowl: QB sack by Shaquem Griffin – one handed Linebacker for UCF. from sports

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