Rich Rodriguez Allegedly Had Both His Wife and Mistress on the Sideline at the Same Time

 On November 6, 2015, Rodriguez asked Melissa (his assistant) to get a sideline pass for his “friend” for the USC game in Tucson, which turned out to be his girlfriend. During the game, Melissa realized that Rodriguez’s wife was also on the sideline. At some point Melissa had to stand between the two hoping to avoid a confrontation. The following Monday, Melissa complained to Rodriguez about how upsetting it was to be placed in that situation. Rodriguez laughed it off without acknowledging her stress or sense of betrayal to his wife.

The allegations against Rich Rodriguez are all pretty creepy and disturbing and if they turn out to be true then you can add him to the list of creeps that have been outed recently as a part of the #MeToo movement. But this detail is where it gets absolutely bonkers. Allegedly, during at least one University of Arizona football game both his wife and his mistress on the sidelines AT THE SAME TIME. What. A. Move. I don’t know how cocky Ol’ Rich must have been to try it or what his motives may have been but I would like to offer a few possibilities.

  1.  He’s an absolute daredevil. The life of a college football coach has destroyed the part of his brain the perceives any type of feeling, so all he feels is fear. So of course he does the most dangerous thing any (cheating) man could ever do is have his mistress and his wife in the same place. The closest thing to the nuclear codes that a civilian could ever know. Potential for absolutely devastating fallout for him, his family, and everyone else in that stadium.
  2. He listens to too much rap music. Rap is undoubtedly the music of most student-athletes, so its not unusual to see college coaches reaching out to rap musicians who are fans of the team or who find ways to work it into their coaching. So maybe what we have here is just a college football coach who read a little too much into Future’s verse on Low Life. Maybe just maybe in this situation he just wanted to try to get his baby momma and his side bitch to kiss.
  3. He hates Melissa. Melissa was Rodriguez’s assistant who he asked to get his mistress the sideline pass and from the sounds of it he just thrust her into the situation and she with her ride or die instincts worked to keep them apart even STANDING BETWEEN the two of them. No one’s life has ever been more on the line than Melissa’s when she was stuck between those two women. So this third possibility is that he set the situation up just in the hopes that Melissa would be taken out in the midst of battle.
  4. Probably the most likely reason for this ridiculous move is that hes just a bad person.


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