If You Are Offended By Dave Chappelle’s New Netflix Specials, Then You Have a Dump In Your Pants

2018 started off pretty goddamn well. My favorite comedian, and quite possibly the GOAT, Dave Chappelle gave us all not one, but TWO Netflix specials with new material.  Let me tell you right now, they are awesome, but in different ways.

The first special, Equanimity, is hilarious and reminds me of old Dave.  He is sharp and witty with his jokes.  Talk about race, politics and even how great he is at writing jokes. He starts hot with a joke where the punchline, which he reveals before he even tells the joke, is “so i kicked her in the pussy”.  He then starts with an Asian and Mexican joke. But then, he comes in with his transgender bit, finishing off with a Trump bit.  All great.  All hilarious.

The second special, The Bird Revelation, is more of just Dave sitting on a stool telling stories that relate to his life.  Stories include things about Louis CK and a book titled “Pimp” by Iceberg Slim.

All that being said, if I told you that these jokes caught some headlines and criticism you wouldn’t bat an eyelash. Of course these topics are going to stir the pot in society nowadays. The thing is, out of context, almost any joke can be taken in bad taste.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.41.36 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.42.14 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.42.49 PM

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.43.16 PM

Okay, relax everyone. Whoever wrote these articles are just fishing for clicks online and want to get their name out there. They don’t give a shit about how people think, they just know that being a snowflake is hot in the street now so they will jump on that bandwagon and ride it to fame.

On the other side of these articles, whoever reads them and gets offended can go fuck off. You clearly did not watch these specials. On more than one occasion, Chappelle talks about how no matter what skin color, religion or sexual orientation that we, as a society, should treat one another better. He may say some points that you don’t agree with, but whatever. I don’t remember his exact words, so here is basically what he said, “I don’t hate transgenders in any way. I don’t understand the choices they make. I just think things about them are funny. Here are those things.”

So a comedian talks about what he thinks is funny about a certain group of people and all of a sudden he “crossed the line”? His job is to be entertaining and what is entertaining about Dave Chappelle is listening to him talk about what is funny about certain groups of people. He’s been telling jokes about whites, blacks, asians, gays and everything else. Yes, it may make people uncomfortable, but that doesn’t mean that it is too far.  Chappelle is hilarious and if you find him funny but you don’t want to watch his new specials because you think it is “too offensive” then just take a fricken’ hike.

Life is too short and too hard to be offended by Dave Chappelle’s jokes. Just enjoy it while you can.

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